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Baby Steps Part II

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Dear Readers,

I thought it was time to give you a few more tips to help you with your awakening process.

1. Above all else be gentle and kind to yourself. As I wrote in my blog, I Heal myself; I Heal the World, the process of healing your wounds and learning to love yourself will change everything. Do not discard or discredit this vital step. We all make mistakes! Some of our mistakes are colossal, some of them repeated, some of them are just us putting way too much pressure on ourselves and in the grand scheme of the universe those mistakes are nothing. Let it go! Forgive yourself, it's time to start a new. Awaken. The only way you can awaken is to forgive yourself. If there are others that you need to forgive, individuals (or groups) that harmed you, you must forgive them as well. Holding on to their wrongdoing only eats at your very existence. I know it is difficult, but you must forgive and let go of the baggage that is holding you back. Believe me, from personal experience, I know that’s easier said than done. I used to think it was ludicrous to forgive the people that harmed me in my life. I thought forgiveness constituted condoning their actions. It doesn't! Forgiving is just for you. A sacred process for you to release and move on. This doesn’t mean you have to walk up to the wrong doers and say, “I forgive you, now we are buddies.” No, not at all. Just a conversation between you, your higher self, and the universe will suffice.

A tip that worked for me, the only way I was able to forgive and let go, was to see those that harmed me as children. Misguided children who didn’t have the tools they needed to learn how to address their emotions. I taught myself to see them as children that were harmed themselves and therefore knew no better way then to repeat what they had been taught. (This same thought can be applied to forgiving yourself.) I got myself to a point where I personally could forgive them, unconditionally love them as children that need help, releasing them and the damage from me. I never want them in my life and that’s okay. Forgiving somebody does not mean you need to put yourself in an ugly situation again or be around people that don't treat you with value. Once again, I know this is hard, super hard. I don’t know what was harder for me to forgive the people that harmed me or to forgive myself for what I felt I did wrong. Albeit very misguided thoughts to just hold me back from being my highest and best self. Being wrapped up in self loathing negative behavior is not good for anyone or the world.

2. Diet! Everyone's favorite topic…Not! Unfortunately, there is truth in the old sayings “You are what you eat.” and “Your body is your temple.” In the past, to say that I was a meatatarian would be an egregious understatement. Hamburgers, carne asada, pork carnitas, chicken fried steak, drumsticks, and hot dogs. Oh God, I loved hot dogs! You name it, if it had a heartbeat, I probably ate it. Salad? Disgusting. Vegetables, does salsa count? That was my diet and I felt terrible constantly. I broke from my bad eating habits, by taking the extreme route. I went on a hypoallergenic low inflammation diet. My naturopathic doctor recommended this for me. Basically, exclude all processed foods, all meat/animal products except for the occasional (as in one meal a week) sustainably and ethically produced lamb. Eat lots of beans and vegetables. It was difficult. If you decide to go the extreme route, it will only take about a month, to reset your body. After which, you can slowly introduce new foods. As you do introduce them, pay very close attention to how those foods make you feel. I made the mistake of having a store bought (processed) chocolate cupcake! It made me violently ill, I felt like I had been poisoned with just one bite of that chemical surprise. You will be astounded at the results you experience if you listen to your body. Once I went through this cleansing process, I quickly became a vegan. I noticed a huge difference in how my body felt, as well as an enormous increase in my ability to connect with higher states of consciousness. It is a difficult process to change your diet, especially with all the addictive junk put in processed foods. Sugar/high fructose corn syrup is a horrible addiction to break, and the cravings can be relentless. You can do this. Take the time to care about what you are putting in your temple. Clear all the sludge out. You will be so thankful that you took this step for yourself.

*I am not a doctor, if you have a medical condition or need help, I recommend not hesitating to seek a naturopathic nutritionist. I highly recommend my Nutrition Educator Mary Collins,

3. Yoga. I personally love vinyasa and kundalini yoga. However, there exists a wide variety of yoga disciplines. There is a style to spark intrigue in even the toughest critic. Not one is better than the other, it is just finding what suits you. Yoga is a great way to get you up and moving; connecting your awareness to your whole body, and invoking the mind, body, spirit connection that is so crucial to the health of your overall being and awakening. Here is a great article with a brief overview of the popular styles Yoga and meditation all piggyback on your ritual. Most yogic practices have a piece of meditation interlaced in them, so I have not gone into details on that, yet.

Remember, dear readers, baby steps. None of this will happen overnight. If it has been difficult for you to make the connection that I challenged you to in Baby Steps to Awaken, adding the above practices will help. Don’t be discouraged. Rome was not built in a day, and neither will your temple. This is a beautiful journey, an exploration of self to enjoy the process of change as much as the perceived outcome. Be patient in this endeavor. Have fun in getting to know the true, unconditionally loved, you. You are worthy of Awakening to a higher state of being. You are strong enough to break the chains that bind you and block you from realization that your guides are right beside you. It all starts with truly loving and honoring yourself for the highest good. Heal yourself; heal the world. Awaken yourself; awaken the world.

Blessed Be,


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