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For as long as Melody can remember she has been able to communicate with spirits and had profound premonitions.  Working as an evidentiary psychic Medium, Akashic Records reader, as well as Awakening Life Coach, Melody is a deep resource of living wisdom. Melody is here as a catalyst to stagnant situations and blocked energies wherever she meets them. Melody will work with your loving connection to your ancestors to bring them through in your reading. It is her greatest honor to help you connect with your loved ones. She strives to bring people into an awareness, either with her direct assistance or through their own self-discovery, that they are not alone. Melody is here to invoke your connection, truth, and Divine light within.

She is located in southern Oregon for in-person appointments, as well as offering online appointments. She has certifications from James Van Praagh for mediumship, and Crystal Song Soul for energy healing.


Melody's mission is to help you Awaken, to see that you have direct acces to the Divine. There is no death. Only a transition to a higher state of being. Our loved ones, guides, angels and the Divine are with us and enveloping us with their love always. She will bring about a more peaceful loving light to your world, even if only for a moment.



Melody's vision is a society that is driven by love. Love for self, and all others. Where choices are made from love not through fear. Where people connect and communicate with their soul and the Divine to drive their individual and collective mission for the highest good of all.

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