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Sedona, AZ

As I told many of you, I was heading to Sedona to experience the vortexes. I wanted to know if it would be a different experience than that of the Gold Hill, Oregon vortex. It was my intent to try my hardest not to set expectations for my visit to Sedona. I wanted to be as open as possible, inviting whatever experience may or may not come. But, in the back of my mind there was a high hope that something extraordinarily profound would happen to me. Fighting that hope was like fighting a matador that kept piercing my flesh with his muletas of marvelous outcomes while he flashed his bright red cape of wonder before my eyes. I failed fighting that matador. None the less, here is the highlights of my journey.

Somewhere around mile marker 89 on Interstate 40 in Arizona the mountains came to life in a way I have never experienced. I had been driving for approximately 15-hours by that point, part of me was not sure if delirium was setting in or my gift of seeing energy just took a big gulp of Red Bull. Taking a swig of coffee, I intentionally blinked my eyes hard a few times, but nothing changed. The remarkable sight did not waiver. I cleared my throat, “Girls do you see anything?”

“Where?” Amy, my wife, replied.

“Look out to the east, over the horizon of the mountains. Do you see anything?”

“Oh my god, what is that?”

“YOU SEE IT!!” I shouted with excitement. “Ok, describe it.” Always the skeptical critic I wanted to make sure she was actually seeing what I was seeing. Amy went on to describe what was before her, matching what I was experiencing. I have seen auras radiating off of the earth before, but nothing like this. We could see bursts of electricity bouncing off the mountain range. From the top of the mountains radiating to the sky. Each flare of light looked like a giant strobe light and a sparkler had a baby and this was the result. No, it wasn’t lightning, not even close. What it was, extraordinary, and I was astounded my wife was able to see it too.

I struggled to keep my eyes on the road as the energetic light show on the mountain range caught my attention. When we entered Sedona, it was breathtaking. The lushness of the evergreen trees filled the landscape with abundance, illuminating against the terracotta reds and oranges of the earth. It was love at first sight. As I pulled into the Chapel area where our rental was, I was even more impressed with how all the homes seemed to camouflage into the landscape rather than being bold, intrusive, and taking away from the natural beauty of the area. I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and feel the environment. “Let’s hurry up and unload, then go for a walk!” I said with excitement.

It was around 5pm when we headed out for our walk. The sun was still rather high in the sky, shining brightly, with very few clouds in sight. It was magnificent. We walked toward the Chaple of the Holy Cross, and then turned onto Chaple Street to walk towards town. I looked down to admire the mauve-ish color of the sidewalks, “Oh – My – God,” I belted out. I see my own aura almost daily on my morning walks with my dog, in the dim lighting of dawn break, but this was something even more. In the bright light of the day, I saw my auric field extending approximately three feet around me. It looked like I was wearing a giant Marshmallow Man suit and I could see the atoms bouncing around in my suit. The three of us walking side-by-side down the street in our suits of colliding energy was incredible. I felt like we were three sumo wrestlers trying to squeeze together on a narrow path. Typically, I only see my own aura extend a foot or two and not as encapsulating as this. I began to walk down the street acting like the Marshmallow Man to be silly and enjoy my new realized suit of armor. My girls laughed and giggled at my theatrics.

The next day we headed out the door at 8 am for Cathedral Rock. Cathedral Rock is said to be energetically a feminine vortex boasting an inflow of energy for introspection. When we got to the trailhead, I began to have this overwhelming desire for submergence.

“Do you feel anything?” Amy asked.

“All I feel is the strong urge to plunge my arms deep into the earth.”

“Me too! I want to punch my hand all the way into the ground.” Kyah, my daughter, commented excitedly.

“Do you feel anything?” I asked Amy.


We hiked around the rock bathing in its beauty, but with every minute that went by more and more people poured onto the rock turning the pristine gem into a lull of endless chatter. After several hours we finally decided to perch and meditate. With all the chatter it was difficult. I still made a valent effort to connect. Before I knew it, as I sat in lotus position, in little time I was connected to Gaia and my torso wobbled in a circular motion with her energy. The most interesting thing to me that I noticed was my visions came to me in bright red colors, typically I see in blue-purple hues. I was happy that I got a little something amongst the constant distractions. (Sorry folks, not sharing this vision😉). At the end of our hike, near the trailhead, lay a beautiful little stream. I could no longer fight the urge and I took my boots off. My daughter and I dug our toes and hands into the orange, soft, moist stream bed. If it wasn’t so cold and illegal, I do believe I would have stripped down to my birthday suit and covered my entire body in the precious earth that was calling so loudly for me to enter her.

Later that day we walked up to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Another energetically feminine vortex with an inflow of energy ideal for those seeking introspection. The church itself was designed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude, a very interesting architectural site to see. The area was absolutely packed with tourists when we got there. Entering the church, I dipped my finger in the holy water, making the sign of the cross on my body. We sat in the first pew. I attempted to pray. Eyeing the empty kneeler at the podium in front of the giant replica of Christ hanging from the cross, I made a beeline for it. Kneeling, I clasped my hands and wholeheartedly prayed, looking up at the giant Christ crucifixion sculpture hanging from the wall. All I heard was, “This is wrong. This is wrong. When are they going to see?” We left shortly after that message came through.

Before bed we reviewed our pictures from the day. It was quite an awe-inspiring surprise to see this one. (Zoom into all the rays, and blue dove orb.)

The next day's adventure took us to Bell Rock. The Bell Rock vortex is energetically masculine with an up flow of energy ideal for those seeking out a higher perspective to solve an issue. The hike up was beautiful with some extraordinary views of the area. We hiked around the magnificent rock for a few hours before finding our perch to meditate. Once again, the place became flooded with tourists in no time. Finding stillness with my surroundings was difficult, but we all attempted to meditate. It felt good and exciting being there, but no visions came to fruition for me at Bell Rock. On the other hand, my wife felt a much stronger energetic pull there. I have learned since our trip, that the north side of Bell Rock is where the center of the vortex is and therefore the strongest energetic point to be. Next time, I will make sure we set-up our meditating spot on the north side.

We decided to head to town to check things out that afternoon. A beautiful area, but far too many tourists for our liking. We went into a few shops, got some gelato, and had a blast with the reptile exhibit that was there. In fact, I am sure we would have left much sooner for the roost, as I started feeling ill, if it would not have been for the awesome outdoor reptile exhibit. We spent an hour playing with all the reptiles, totally forgetting about all the people hustling and bustling around us.

An extraordinary surprise unfolded for us again when we reviewed our photos from the day. All the orbs and strange images looking like phoenix’s coming from the sun blew us away. I see, with my naked eye, energy balls, rainbow light streaks, auras, but to get it captured on camera was extremely affirming and fun for me to better be able to show my girls what I experience.

On our last day in Sedona, I was feeling very ill. However, I did not drive 17-hours to not see as much as possible. We still got out the door by 8 am and headed for the Boynton Canyon Trail. This area was supposed to contain both feminine and masculine energetic flows. The trail was narrow with far denser vegetation than our other hikes. Kyah and I both had the overwhelming urge to plunge our hands into the earth, again. We hiked a little more than two miles before I had to call it quits. We sat in a clearing and played with the soil for a while before turning back. We were not able to get the full experience of this trail. Next time for sure!

All and all, I must say the place is amazing and I cannot wait to explore it more. I never once became vortex sick as I did in Gold Hill, Oregon. Did I get the life altering connection I had secretly hoped for? No. Or, perhaps Sedona is still inside me, working her magic on my bones, and the more profound is yet to come.

Blessed Be,

Melody Rosecrans

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Ellen Mckee-Parks
Ellen Mckee-Parks
18 apr. 2023

Thanks for sharing your experience.💚

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