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A New Challenge for Your Highest Good.

Dear Readers,

This new challenge may be a difficult one, but I guarantee it will change how you see your life and spend your time. I beg you, unplug. Turn off the TV, the video game, step away from the cell phone, step away from the screens that hypnotize you, blocking your awakening. If you must use your devices for work, I understand, but when your 8 hours is done, shut it down or turn the ringer up, but put the device in another room; off of your body. Allow yourself to be completely present in the moment, not distracted by a screen screaming for you to feed it your precious attention and time. Try it for at a minimum of 14 days, even better would be 30. Give yourself time to notice what it does to you. Let yourself see what you are being robbed of. You are losing an incredibly precious thing, your life.

Have you noticed how TV is geared towards "binge worthy" watching now. That is what many of us do. We get sucked into these shows and before you know it hours have flown by. You are locked in, completely absorbed by things that aren’t your life. It induces a hunger for munchies, as well as almost render you too tired to get up to do anything else. Most of the shows either insight fear, judgement, or an alternate reality that locks you into a world outside of the one you are living in. It takes you out of the now. Now when the miracles happen, now when the memories are made, and now when quality time could be spent.

Most everyone can attest, “Life is short.” It is even shorter if you spend it under the spell of a screen; truly missing everything. “According to Nielsen’s latest Total Audience Report, television is still the most used electronic medium for U.S. adults. On average, Americans aged 18 and older spend more than four hours a day watching TV, still beating the three hours and 45 minutes they interact with their smartphone on an average day by roughly half an hour (” In general, we work 8-hours a day, plus some sort of additional screen time at ~4-hours a day, that is 12 hours a day, gone. Where is the quality time? Where is the meaningful expression of self, quality time with your family, or whatever brings you joy. Letting your time be lost in the fear-stricken news, or someone else’s reality is not quality of life for you or those you love. Take the challenge and see how much time you now have. Go outside and look, really see what is happening around you, see the beauty of Mother Earth. Play a board game, cook together, paint, take a walk, do something to start to really get to know those that surround you. Read a book, try meditation, turn on some music and dance. Do something! Be present. Enjoy your time on this beautiful earth. Live your life. Sitting on the couch wasting away is not living. We have been lulled into a state of unengaged existence being the norm.

Some of us use the bewitching enchantment of the screen to escape the reality we are living in. Stop! Face it, change it. Your life is worth living. So, live it! Don't waste your precious time not living. Do something to bring you to the present and take notice of what surrounds you. truly enjoy your children, spouse, animals, friends, or self. Time is so precious, especially in the moment. Try this challenge, open yourself to discover how much more time you could have in your day if you step away from those things that blind you from your surroundings rendering you comatose. Make the shifts or changes that need to be made, stop hiding, stop escaping, find joy in the real reality show where you are center stage. There is so much to see, and be done in this life, don’t take a moment for granted. Live, Live, Live your life in the driver’s seat!

Blessed Be, Melody

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1 Comment

Love this one! Really makes you think, and it is so true! Thank you for the gentle nudge! 😊

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