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Snow Day

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Last week

A beautiful thing happened; we had a snow day! I went out for my typical morning walk and was met by thick white snow-covered streets, at least two inches deep. Snow perfectly traced every tree branch and topped every bush like a thick sheet of white icing. Huge flakes where dancing down from the sky. Birds were singing and flying all around me, but the big surprise was the site of people out on the streets. People I never meet. I never see another person on their feet on my walks, only cars whisking by on the busy streets I cross. There was so much beauty, joy, and love in the air. I could not bear to not share.

I ran back home to pry my girls from their roosts. Shouting gleefully, “Hurry up, hurry up, get dressed! You can’t miss this! Something amazing is happening. It's time to break loose.” They did not delay. Before I knew it, we all ran out the door to go explore the extraordinary event that was happening that day. The flakes were even bigger than before, dancing around the air like little ballerina’s twirling in their white tutus. We were met by even more people were on the street. People were strolling hand-in-hand, smiling, laughing and saying, “Good Morning." It made my heart complete.

Children and parents were out everywhere enjoying the amazing morning. Laughter and joy filled the air. It was such a precious gift to see, to feel, and to share.

I wish for more snow days. For more people to take a morning stroll with their loved ones, greeting the blessings of a new day. I wish to see more parents and their children outside laughing, living, and enjoying the new day together stating it right with love, laughter and light.

Don’t wait for a snow day to slow down and enjoy the moment. Don’t wait for a snow day to smile, wave and greet the members of your community. Get out from behind closed doors, it is time to explore. Greet each new day with gratitude as it brings forth limitless possibilities.

May everyday be like a snow day.

Blessed Be,

Melody Rosecrans

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