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I Heal Myself; I Heal the World!

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

This blog is dedicated to a few special ladies that I have been blessed to have in my life. I hope through my words and experience you can relate and find solace in knowing it is imperative to focus on you. Embrace this time to heal.

Not to long ago, a friend of mine said to me, “I heal myself; I heal the world.” My first reaction was a bit of envy. Ok, maybe a little more than a bit. I could not imagine thinking of myself as good enough, worthy enough, or even significant enough that my healing (mental, physical, spiritual) myself could impact anyone let alone the world. I chewed on her statement for quite some time. I continued to hear it repeated in my head at least 500 times over the course of a week.

Historically, I have not been the kindest to myself. To be honest, I have been downright abusive. The things I would say to myself I would never say to another. The things I would allow others to say to me. The way I allowed others to treat me were appalling. Sadly, I was the worst offender to myself. I can’t imagine the damage I would cause to my daughter if I ever treated her the way I treated myself. It took a very long-time for me to see myself as someone worth caring about, and even longer to think that I should care about myself. Despite the enormous growth I have made, I still felt guilty applying the words, “If I heal myself, I heal the world” to my being. I even thought it was a bit egotistical and selfish. It was not easy for me to see how I fit into that phrase. With so many people roaming this earth, so many amazing people too, how I can be a healing impact?

Still pondering how applying that same concept to myself could make a darn bit of significance to this world, I sought out my guides. I settled myself into a state of stillness, and asked them, “How is it possible? If I heal myself; I heal the world.” They quickly bombarded me with images and whispers of theories. In front of my eyes, I saw sand slowly pouring out of someone’s hands until there was only one single tiny grain of sand left. Then the hands held the single grain of sand with so much love; it was cherished. The feeling of love rippled through my body from head-to-toe like the ocean tide. The kind of love one can only feel from the Divine. All the while I heard the words from Auguries of Innocence a poem by William Blake, “To see a World in a Grain of Sand…Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand.” The image rapidly mutated into a butterfly fluttering around. It’s delicate wings flapping and slapping the air that held it in flight. Once again words were whispered as my guides reminded me of Edward Lorenz’s Chaos Theory, Butterfly Effect. In essence, the beating wings of a butterfly in one part of the world can cause a tornado somewhere else. I could see before how everything is connected. However, now I could see that I am included in that connection as well. We are all, individually, the grain of sand, the butterfly.

Collectively all things are the tornado, the universe.

It's easier for me to see now that I am indeed connected to all things. If I am in a healed state of being, my approach to the day, reaction to the chaos of the world, my healed perspective will impact everything I do, everything around me, and everyone around me a well. Therein causing a ripple effect in the fabric of the universe. I know I am an impactful and a meaningful part of this universe. So are you! If every person took a little time to work on themselves, to heal themselves, to love themselves, to see the light of their soul the impact on this world would be immeasurable. I can see that now, and the fact that I am part of the answer. If I heal myself, I heal the world.

So, dear readers, I say this to you. If you heal yourself; you heal the world. You are worthy of loving yourself. Start each day with a little more kindness and a little more gentleness towards yourself. See yourself as that little child you once were and love them. Take care of them. Be your own best friend. I hope you will apply this to yourself. Focus on healing yourself, one day, one moment at a time. You are that butterfly’s wings sending vibrations out into the world.

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