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What’s My Blog About?

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Welcome to my World | Awakening from the Closet

I hope you'll enjoy my blog and find it useful to you. My blog is meant to capture the joys, struggles, incidents with spirits, and laughs that I have had on my journey to awaken and embrace my true self. Although I have hung-out with spirits my whole life, we mostly hung-out in the closet. Coming out of the proverbial spiritual closet has had its fair share of learning experiences. I am relatively new to the culture of esoterism. The word, esoterism, still makes me scratch my head. The language, ideas, and theories all provoked questions within me. Many questions that I have had a hard time finding answers for. Or the information out there was so over my head; extremely inundated with esoteric jargon that I couldn’t swallow it all at once. My blog is a more down to earth relatable view, especially those who have spent there life looking at the world from the rat race view.

I have spent most of my adult life predominantly in the corporate arena, but I could no longer ignore the calling to serve and let my soul purpose lead the way. My life was filled with stress and anger, to the point of my heart feeling like it was a steam locomotive pushing up Mount Everest with its last lump of coal in the fire. I have felt lost, completely alone, and a slave to the demands of more. More money, more status, more house, and more cars. Only to be left to feel less, unworthy, not good enough, and living a life I really didn’t want. I'm in the process of change. In the process of embracing my true self, enlightenment, and calling. My hope is that others beginning this process as well, can find a little comfort in knowing they're not alone. There are others out there, awakening, in the transition of trading their high heels in for Birkenstocks (but maybe still wanting to keep some heels), so to speak.

My wish is that reading about my blunders with myself can be a source of comfort and maybe a little comedy. Perhaps many of you will be able to relate as you struggle with the same questions. Through my trips and falls, maybe you will only stumble.

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