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Baby Steps to Awaken

Have you ever seen the movie What about Bob? At one moment Bill Murray’s character, Bob, is told to take baby steps in his psychological healing process. Bob takes his psychiatrist words literally and starts physically taking tiny “baby steps” everywhere. As hilarious as that movie is, there is a lot of truth weaved into the comedy. I would like you, dear readers, to take that baby step mindset to your awakening. There is no McDonalds drive-through option for this process. Below are three steps that I feel are relatively an easy way to get started on invoking your connection with the light inside of you. These steps will put you on that path of healing, of loving yourself, and genuinely being connected with the universe in a new way.

Note - I never heard the term, higher self, until I was in my 40’s and had to look it up. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know either. Light within, higher self, true self, and soul are all words I use interchangeably and essentially mean the same thing.

Step 1: Nightly Sleep Meditation. Super easy! All you must do is lay in bed and sleep. Available on YouTube is Jason Stephenson’s guided nighttime meditation. I highly recommend starting with this one - HEAL Sleep Talk Down, Guided Sleep Meditation to Heal on an Emotional, Physical Level + Affirmations. Be sure to stick with the same video nightly for at least two weeks. If you’re anything like me, I am sure you will see the plethora of videos out there and want to do them all; right now! Perhaps you may even be a little overwhelmed with what to choose. Just start with the one I mentioned. Remember, baby steps, baby steps, baby steps. After two weeks I would then recommend going to one of the Chakra healing videos, like this one . There are a few different chakra videos, find the one that feels right for you and go with it. If you are new to the concept of chakras it's okay, we will write a post on the topic soon. Jason’s guided meditation for the chakras is a very nice intro to the topic as well.

Step 2: Ritual. I’m hoping you’ve read my post about rituals. I have explained how I ritual. By no means does my post mean that my way is the only way. Find your way. Identify something you do, by yourself, every evening, afternoon, or morning that gives you a bit of joy (not connected to an electronic device). Once you identify what it is, then expand on it. Whether it's just adding five more minutes to that time or 30 minutes, just let it expand. Perhaps you enjoy a silent moment in the morning with your cup of coffee expand on that moment a little longer. Look around you, look at yourself, and find a few things that you can be wholeheartedly thankful for. Then move to thinking about something in this universe you can understand your connection to. For me it is the relationship of carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange between the trees and us. Start small. Be thankful for your coffee that you are enjoying, be thankful for the chair you're sitting in, the warmth that surrounds, and your body that is supporting you. It doesn’t matter if you like your superficial body or not, if you have cellulite or scars, three legs or none, your body is holding you right now so honor it. We all have a choice, free will, to look at this world and see all the negative. You can bathe in that negativity, surrounding your whole existence into misery. Or you can choose to be thankful and relish in the beauty of the positive that surrounds you. If you stop, baby step, and start looking at the positive in your life, and in you, things will change. I am not saying to settle for less, or to be a hopeless optimist. Just look at the good that is in you and around you. Even if all you can say is I am good because I got out of bed today, just start somewhere. Give thanks to yourself for taking a moment for yourself.

Step 3: The Challenge. Connecting with your higher self. I feel this a fantastic challenge that will really get the ball rolling for your personal growth. I will write another blog about my experience with doing this challenge later but right now it's your turn to step-up to the challenge. For 30 days I want you to ask your higher self at least 3 questions a day. But simple questions that you will abide by the answer to. To start this process, find a quiet place, get into an almost meditative state, mindfully be aware of your entire body and close your eyes. Be sure there are no distractions (not even a fan). When your mind is quiet say, “Higher self, show me yes.” When you receive your answer move on to ask, “Higher self, show me no.” Finally asking, “Higher self, show me maybe.” If you do not receive anything right away, don’t be discouraged, it may take a few times of trying.

Your answers from higher self can come in many different ways. From a tickle to your nose, ringing in your ear, a tingle on your head, or some shape you see with your eyes closed. Also, one answer could come in as a feeling or bodily sensation, and the other be something you see. When I first did this work with myself, I received a visual response for yes and physical sensation for no. Steps one and two above will help you with settling into yourself so you can apply yourself to this challenge. Your soul wants to communicate with you and guide you. Just be patient while you figure out your unique communication style. To make this work it will take patience; it will take quietness; it will take dedication and openness to self.

Now that you have your signals, your soul communication style. Start asking higher self, yes or no questions. Start small and be sure to follow through with the answer. I started with socks and underwear first. It took me a minute to surrender and ask about clothes I would wear in public, as I was not entirely confident that my higher self wouldn’t have me going out in public dressed as a clown. It was a process of learning to trust my soul self and, my soul self learning to trust me. Remember start small, baby steps. If you do not plan to abide by the answer you receive; Don’t Ask.

I am confident these steps will help you invoke your connection with your higher self. Enjoy it, have fun with it. You are taking the steps to know who you really are and to love yourself. We are all entitled to know and communicate with our divine souls. I am having a blast getting to know who I truly am, embracing who I truly am; baby steps and all. Dear readers it is your turn😊.

I would love to hear some of your experiences with this work if you feel so inclined to share.

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