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I am Melody, a Psychic Medium, Akashic Records Reader, Awakening Life Coach, and Healer located in the serene landscapes of southern Oregon, serving clients across the globe.

✨ Step into a world of magic and transformation. ✨

I am here to walk beside you as a compassionate guide on your journey through grief, trauma, transitions (including crossing over), ascension, or even simple curiosity. When you are with me, you enter a sacred, safe space of non-judgment where you can explore and heal with grace and support.

🔮 As a Medium, I connect you with your loved ones who have passed on, demonstrating that there is no death, only a beautiful transition to another realm of existence.

📜 As an Akashic Records Reader, I uncover your soul’s history, helping you find your true purpose and offering deep healing.

🌟 As a Natural Energy Healer, I channel divine energy to realign your being with a higher state of existence, harmonizing your mind, body, and spirit.

Join me on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual awakening. Together, we will navigate the unseen, heal old wounds, and step boldly into the light of your highest potential.

Welcome to a space where magic happens, where every soul is cherished, and every journey is honored. 🌿✨


About Melody

Melody is a renowned Psychic Medium, Akashic Records Reader, and Awakening Life Coach based in southern Oregon.


With a lifelong connection to the spiritual realm, Melody serves as a catalyst for transformation, helping individuals overcome stagnation and connect with their ancestors and the Divine.


Her mission is to awaken others to their direct access to the Divine, guiding them through transitions with love and wisdom.


Melody envisions a society driven by love, where individuals communicate with their souls and the Divine for the highest good of all.


Psychic Medium Readings

Using her unique abilities, Melody acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, bringing messages of love, healing, and guidance from the other side.

Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Records contain the collective wisdom & experiences of every soul throughout time. Melody accesses these records to provide profound insights into your past, present, and future.

Experience profound healing & relief, utilizing ancient wisdom & modern techniques, we delve into the Akashic Records to identify and address the root causes of physical, emotional, & spiritual dis-ease.

Awakening Life Coaching

Through personalized coaching sessions, you'll explore blocks, limiting beliefs, & patterns holding you back. Learn practical tools & techniques to awaken your inner wisdom, embody your truth.


My mission is to awaken you to your inherent connection with the Divine. I believe that you possess the innate ability to access divine wisdom and guidance within yourself.


Through my services and offerings, I strive to empower you to embrace your spiritual gifts, connect with your inner truth, and navigate life's journey with clarity, purpose, and love.



My vision is a world where love is the driving force behind all actions and decisions. I envision a society where individuals honor and cherish themselves and others, making choices from a place of love rather than fear.


I see a world where people are deeply connected to their souls and the Divine, working together to create a collective mission for the highest good of all beings.



"What a great reading! Melody was able to connect with my mom and gave me specifics to put any doubt I had at ease. What a great feeling knowing my mom approves of my recent decisions and is watching over me. Can’t wait to have another reading to see who else she connects with."

- Laura
Long Island, NY

"Melody is a community leader who cares deeply about equity for all, but especially women.  She is committed to encouraging and empowering women to find and share their gifts.  She collaborates and works hard to build connections amongst community members.  I have participated in her monthly meetings of the Feminine Collective, heard her give talks and I have had the pleasure of her conducting an Akashic Record reading for me.  She exudes warmth and caring for each person she interacts with.  When she did my reading, not only was she extremely accurate (not knowing anything about my past), but I was able to release past traumas that had been keeping me stuck for years despite many attempts at traditional therapy.  I say to people that "one hour with Melody was like 3 years of therapy"!  She is a gifted medium and I highly recommend her services! "

- Lisa
Corvallis, OR

"Melody really helped me in the healing process with the recent loss of my mother. She was also able give me closure with my father who I lost at 18."


Las Vegas, NV


“I am committed to fostering a community of love, compassion, & spiritual growth, where all are welcomed & supported on their path to awakening.”




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